The quality of our lives is directly influenced by our sense of our own health, vitality and wellbeing. When we feel that our health is not as we would like it, our vitality is lacking or our sense of wellbeing is diminished, we do not feel able to live our lives to the full and reach our potential, we feel less than ourselves.

Acupuncture is a system of healthcare that has been in continual use for over 2000 years. It is a minimally invasive, natural and safe, drug-free therapy. Not only can acupuncture treat specific medical conditions but can be used when we are not conventionally 'ill' or feel "out or sorts" or "just not ourselves".

Gillian Goldfarb is trained in and uses an integrated style of treatment which combines Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is well suited to treating a wide range of physical, mental and emotional symptoms, and Five Element acupuncture which focuses mainly on treating the underlying constitution of the person, thereby bringing about profound changes in a person's sense of well-being.